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steve.vacationHEY THERE!  Do you want to chat, give me feedback on the show, or ask questions about how to launch your gaming career or project?  I’m totally down for that!!! 

All you have to do is fill in the 25 fields in the contact form below


I hate contact forms :(  The truth is that very few of us are actually so busy that we need this kind of filter on our communication.  I get really pissed when I have to hop the a bunch of hoops just to make a connection with a real human.

That being said, I just realized that my contact page had one of those notorious contact forms :(  How very sad.  I wonder how many of you were all like… Dude you don’t need my name or phone number for me to ask for a guest on the Podcast or for me to ask a business question!


So here are the details- I’m a real person, I have real contact information- and I really want to hear from you.


Email: Steve(AT)TheCompanyBard(Dot)com .  

(Written this way in an ultimately futile attempt to prevent internet crawlers from sending me SPAM.  If the way I wrote it is confusing- here are the instructions –>  (AT) = @ , and (DOT) = .  Replace one for the other in my email and you will have the secret pass-code to communicate directly with me :)  I know you knew this… I just like listening to myself talk… or in this case, type!

Cell Phone: (512)-Eight,Six,Seven-Five Five Seven One.

Yup, that’s my cell phone.  You can call it on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve and you will completely disrupt my life with my Family.  Just kidding, I just wont answer.  The point is, that this is the number I give my friends- not a service or call menu.  Be ready to chat directly with me when you call- because I will pick up.  Ok, fair warning though… I DO screen my calls often- because I don’t want to talk to telemarketers (that’s why I wrote out my number above the way I did)… If you DON’T reach me- PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE.  I’m serious about helping you and doing whatever I can to help you succeed!



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