Professional Overview:

I am an experienced and passionate team builder, manager, and teacher. My favorite thing in the world is watching the “lights turn on” in the eyes of my students, staff, and customers as we figure out new ways to get things done. Communication is my key skill, and I enjoy using it to build bridges between different groups.

I excel at creating teams that love what they do and knock metrics out of the park. I do this by investing heavily in the aspirations and talents of my team.  I am committed to provide an environment where my staff will:

  • Get a chance to do what they do best every day.
  • Have the opportunity to grow.
  • Be rewarded fairly for the work that they do.

I have a background in project and general management in SaaS, QA excellence in video games, customer service, and training and development. I enjoy creating documentation, hitting deliverables on time and under budget, and onboarding customers and staff.

My Vision Statement:

I will die soon. I will make good use of the time I have left. My legacy will not be in what I leave behind, but what I send ahead. My greatest reward will be that I have affected those in my influence in a positive way. I hope that I am spoken well of in my absence and my efforts bring forth greatness in others.

My Values:

  • Accountability- I eclipse my responsibilities and stand in the gap.
  • Entrepreneurship- I bring the pieces together and build new things.
  • Vision- I set expansive goals that motivate achievement.
  • Collaboration- I embrace diverse skill-sets to strengthen each other and achieve greater results.
  • Stewardship- I use and oversee others’ resources to their best purpose or intent.
  • Fun- Life is short. I will enjoy it. GAME ON!

Lifetime Achievement Timeline

Early Years: A Gamer is Born


  • Only Child
  • Dad worked a lot in high technologies, Long hours, away a lot.
  • Moved every 4-6 years and didn’t make friends easy.
  • I mouthed off a lot.   Got beat up a lot.
  • Video games become my primary means of exploration and achievement.
  • The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Final Fantasy form my worldview.


High School Years:  LARP’m and Leave’m


  • No direction up through high school.  C+ to B- Student. Not really interested in anything besides video games, RPGs, and LARPing
  • FAILED Chemistry in my HS. Senior year.  Needed 3 credits to graduate. Joined Choir to make up for it.
  • Choir made me popular for the first time in my life, discovered girls, liked girls!


College Years: Music and MMO’s


  • Joined choir in college (trying to stay popular.)
  • Finally decided get a music degree, (again because that was the only place I was popular.)
  • Excelled quickly in vocal program. Graduated Cum Laude. Performed three times at Carnegie Hall in college.
  • Discovered Ultima Online as my first MMORPG.  It blew my mind! Gaming would never be the same.
  • Lots of singing, lots of gaming. The golden age of young adulthood.



Masters Degree: MM in Opera Performance

Dellas gift pic

  • Sang all over the place, lots of operas, concerts, I became an aggressive advocate for my own performing and vocal prowess.
  • Met my wife while in school. I was a lead and she was in the chorus. Music FTW!
  • Added more than thirty roles and dozens of concerts in three years. Such a whirlwind, I can’t even remember what happened.
  • Graduate Summa Cum Laude

Life Version 1: Foreclosures and World of Warcraft

  • Started teaching private voice. Hugely successful- large studio grew into its own business.
  • Started Real Estate investing with extra cash. The goal was 10 houses in 2 years.
  • Then the market crashed. Recession hits everyone, especially artists.
  • I went from 100+ private voice students to 19 in 6 weeks, renters defaulted, and I was professionally scammed (quite impressive actually.)
  • Foreclosures and shortsales take out the real estate portfolio.
  • Life Version 1: EPIC FAIL!
  • Discover World of Warcraft. I play WOW to cope with problems. Goal achievement in game eventually gives me the endorphins I need to try Life Version 2.  Lots of toons and hundreds of levels later…

Life Version 2:  Business and Gamification

Video Games shirt

  • I go back to get my MBA while working full time.
  • Teaching model expects people to work in teams and plan for business cases. It is Gamification in eduction. AHA! the world suddenly clicks into place as I can use my gaming skills for excellence.
  • I discover an affinity for team building, customer service, and process management. (Experience gained from running AD&D adventures years earlier).
  • Get my first job in the video gaming industry at Bioware as a Game Tester. It’s AWESOME!  I apply all of my business/gaming skills and get promoted to QA Lead within a year.
  • Subsequent work placed me into director level work in SaaS implementations, project and account management, and hiring and developing award winning teams.
  • I use games, gamification, and roleplaying to help my teams realize both their own and the company’s goals.  The collaboration and play makes it a fun and profitable adventure for all.

So, that’s all about me! Congratulations on making it to the end. :)  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  I am happy to help in any way that I can.


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