The Business RPG



The Business Role Playing Game is a book designed to use your brilliance at gaming to help you be more productive and more satisfied in your work environment.

I have been both a hardcore gamer and passionate people manager for many years now.  In this time, I have come to learn that the best things come through collaboration.

As a result, I want to make this book with you!  

I will release chapters of the book as I write them, and I am looking for your feedback so it improves over time.  Your creativity and business acumen will not only make this guide better, but will hopefully help others find their best fit in their work environments.

This will the be the Powerlevel Your Life System Reference Document (SRD) that will be updated as we go.

(Edit- This will be the Business RPG Sytem Reference Document (SRD) that will be updated as we go).

Calling Gamers!

So, I love games of all sorts!  My favorite flavors are REALLY HARD platformers, casual MMORPGs, and paper RPGs.  Though this keeps me eye-deep in games all the times, I know it is only a small sample size of what’s available out there.  I want to make sure that this book considers more viewpoints than what I have to offer alone.

This is how you can contribute:

  1. Game feel for a “self-help” book– This book is designed to help you navigate work and social settings… but it has to still be fun.  I’ll need your help to point out where it gets too boring to be useful.  If it’s not entertaining, its not memorable.
  2. Your Life/Work Challenges- Please share what you worry about and what challenges you face as you work your way through your career.  I have lots of opinions of how we should proceed, but that’s useless unless it helps solve practical problems you are facing.  Your feedback will determine the focus and examples used in the book as it develops.

Calling Managers!

I have been building and growing all-star teams in a number of industries. My favorite thing is finding out what motivates people to excellence and removing anything that gets in the way of that performance.  I believe that people will do their best work if they are only allowed to do so.

It is our responsibility as managers to help our team find their right fit in the organization, and provide opportunities for growth.

This is how you can contribute:

  1. Team building/Motivational Tools– I use work gamification, personality assessments, and specialized awards (“loot”) to help people stay focused and motivated. What tools and techniques do you use to make the most productive and fulfilling work environments for your team?
  2. Business Productivity/Personal Success Concepts-  I consume mass quantities of business material. I am interested in mastering the “game” of business and how we each can find our place in it.  What are key aspects of finding success in business, whether these are personality traits or business tools.  I want to make sure that the book conveys real and useful business practice.

Thank you so much in advance for your contribution!  I am really looking forward to seeing how this project develops over time.

Here is the Table of Contents list.  As new material becomes available, it will link to the appropriate section.  

Check back Frequently for updates!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Back Cover
  • Classes
  • Races
  • Alignments
  • Abilities
  • Encounters
  • Party Building
  • Powerleveling
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