Copy of Class Color Wheel


So, what role do you play in your job? Are you the roaring barbarian, the clever pirate, or the introspective wizard? 

Your class helps to determine your ideal role in a company and the environments to which you are most naturally drawn. For example, putting a barbarian in the R&D department or asking wizard to do a sales presentation is not likely to produce the best results.

Clearly identifying the classes within the team will allow you to find the best fit for their efforts. You will be better able to make changes that help you (and everyone else) be happier and more productive.


Force Users

Force users thrive on direct confrontation. They take the shortest path to completion in their tasks and proactively remove obstacles that get in the way of success.

Force users are often seen in leadership positions, as they have the fortitude and drive to overcome opposition. But regardless of position, they are direct and candid in their communication and see little need to play office politics.


When all out force is needed, it is time to call in the Barbarian. No retreat, no negotiation, and no surrender. The Barbarian is a combat juggernaut that can cause huge change in an organization. Just stand clear and make sure not to get in his/her way!



The Paladin is the company champion. Virtuous and lawful, they are eager to charge in to battle injustice and corruption. The Paladin’s heavy armor and unshakable resolve allows him/her to protect the party from attacks and lead his team to victory.



The gladiator is at home amidst roaring crowds and dirty tactics. Gladiators master all types of weapons and strategies that help them survive. They are equally at home in the boardroom, the sales floor, or production line.


Expertise Users

Expertise users are masters of diplomacy, tact, and strategy. They serve to bind other parts of the organization together and keep the long view in mind in their planning. They expertly navigate treacherous environments through the use of nimble dexterity and forethought.


Pirates are masters of “getting-it-done” when the way is blocked. Back alley deals, picked locks, and dirty fighting are common tools in the pirate’s repertoire.  Turn to the pirate when you need results with no questions asked.



Rangers know the secret paths to success and the dangers along the way. They can expertly track their prey across difficult terrain and bring it down with a will placed arrow. Rangers can lead expeditions to great effect and help them avoid pitfalls and snares in their journey.



The bard is the consummate “jack of all trades” class. They demonstrate a high degree of skill in many areas and can serve in any role in a pinch. However, bards do have a specialty all their own; they are masters in entertaining and swaying the crowd. Their heroic ballads inspire productivity and esteem to those in their company.


Insight Users

Insight Users are passionate craft masters and lore keepers. They steadfastly pursue excellence in their vocation and aim to master every aspect of it. Their dedication to these specialized pursuits helps them make connections and see patterns not visible to others.

Look to Insight Users when you need to get the job done thoroughly and you need it done right. They partner a need for excellence in their work with the focus to see it through to completion.


The mighty wizard scales the steps of his/her white tower seeking forgotten incantations of might. Always ready with powerful spells of force and befuddlement, Wizards are fearsome specialists in any organization.  Few can comprehend their depth or perspective… and that is just the way they like it.



Clerics are empowered by their devotion to a cause or ethos. They can endure the toughest environments with calm fortitude and poise. Clerics heal and renew those around them and steadfastly pursue excellence in their work.



Charm is the primary weapon of the sorcerer. Others are naturally drawn to these mysterious and electrifying characters and hang on their every word in eager anticipation. Sorcerers excel at shaping opinions and making connections.

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