Sorcerer (Insight-Expertise)


“Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. But I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”

Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

Specialist: 1 2 3 4 5
Force: 1 2 3 4 5
Expertise: 1 2 3 4 5
Insight: 1 2 3 4 5



  • S. Extremely charming and dynamic, focused and talented, intuitive and creative, dedicated and self sufficient.
  • W. Doesn’t rely on teams, aims to be the center of attention, lacks diversity
  • O. Groups needing a frontman, vocations in specialty
  • T. Other sorcerers in same specialty, overly-collaborative environments
Sorcerer Hat

Sorcerer Hat


Sorcerers are naturally gifted individuals whose zest for life gives them extraordinary abilities. What wizards spend in years of careful study, sorcerers do intuitively. They are naturals, savants, artists, poets, and prodigies. They can make some of the most difficult tasks, puzzles, or performances appear like child’s play.

Sorcerers approach life with a carefree attitude. They are charming, passionate, and dynamic individuals. Most things tend to come easily to the sorcerer, and they have no interest in those things that do not. Sorcerers have a playful and curious outlook when dealing with life’s problems, much to the envy of those with whom they associate.

Sorcerers don’t learn skills the way other classes do. Instead of study and practice, new skills are unlocked from new life experiences. Sorcerers create connections from these events which inspires their creativity and empowers their abilities. As a result, sorcerers tend to gravitate toward social events, adventure, and travel.

While many classes may envy sorcerers for the ease with which they seem to navigate their environments, sorcerers do have some unique challenges they face. First, sorcerers are very specialized in what they do. Whatever their trade or profession, sorcerers are extremely focused. They won’t study related information or practice skills not directly tied to their area of interest.  Further, because of their carefree nature, they generally do not develop the focus and attention needed to absorb difficult information.

Since things generally come easily to the sorcerer, they generally focus on accomplishing their own goals over those of the group. The sorcerer’s powers cannot be taught; their power simply manifests when needed and makes quick work of obstacles in the way. The sorcerer is confident about how his power works and tends to think he is superior to other classes. Because of how easily things come to the sorceror, it just might be true.


Special Abilities


1. Natural Gift

It is difficult to define what makes sorcerers so unique. What ever IT is– a gift, the touch, a knack– the sorcerer has it. The muse descends frequently on these gifted individuals, and they will have frequent leaps of insight and demonstrations of their ability.


2. Inner Reserve

The sorcerer is so focused his craft and so dedicated to success through the use of it that he has an almost unending reserve of energy. This means that sorcerers can outlast almost any other class when going head-to-head in their discipline. Artists perform better and longer, scientists make faster discoveries through intuitive leaps, and tradesmen produce more product of higher quality than others.


3. Fortune Favors the Bold

Sorcerers generally know what they want in life and the path to get it. They are confident in their abilities (for good reason) and see it as their obligation to fulfill their potential. They are tenacious in the pursuit of their interests and won’t let other people or processes stand in their way. Others can see the sorcerer as terse, evasive, or manipulative because of their driven nature.  


4. Captivate

The sorcerer’s confidence and ability has a captivating effect on others.  A sorcerer will have a wide group of people who regard him with esteem. These may be friends, colleagues, or professional networks with which the sorcerer interacts. The sorcerer will use this group to further his own goals, either by having his work product widely accepted or by leveraging contacts to find new avenues of opportunity.


5. Wanderlust

Sorcerers have a passion for exploring new things and testing their limits. All of the sorcerer’s experience provides more material from which he can make connections and create. Sorcerers devour new information, seek out exciting new places, and spend time with interesting, new people. The sorcerer does not study this information; he simply absorbs it and applies it when it is needed.


Business Applications

Sorcerers make excellent performers, journalists, salesmen, and politicians. They are charming, talented, and focused on success. They are exceptional in their field of interest and dedicated to getting the job done. They know how to network, navigate company politics, and find paths they need in order to get what they want.

If the company can find a sorcerer whose area of expertise is in a needed business area, this is perhaps best class to find. Sorcerers require very little training and instruction and will quickly become one of the top performers.

The sorcerer is likely to be well received by the rest of the team, as long as he believes this is in his best interest. If that is the case, the rest of the team will see him as charming, considerate, and talented. Those that feel threatened by the sorcerer may see him as conceited, self-centered, and opportunistic. It will be difficult to determine if this is because it is actually true, or if they are just jealous of his ability.

Because of this potential difficulty in team dynamic, it is wise to send  the sorcerer on missions that allows him to use his charm on customers and representatives of other companies. Sorcerers are extremely engaging in all types of presentations and networking events.

Because of their focus and dedication to personal excellence, sorcerers tend to avoid management positions. They don’t tend to focus on the needs of others or how to coordinate others’ skills to accomplish objectives. This is largely because most sorcerers have never had to overcome obstacles in their life through collaboration or practice.

Sorcerers are extremely good at what they do and will be an asset to any organization that has use of their talents. Wise managers will send these individuals to close big deals, raise large amounts of donor money, and broker great deals for the company. They will focus on giving the sorcerer problems they overcome naturally with their talent and isolating them from jealous co-workers.


Working Alone

1. Prodigy

Sorcerers are perhaps the strongest individual contributing class available. The sorcerer will effortlessly deliver superior work products. His work will likely be more creative, higher quality, and lower cost than work provided by other classes. The natural affinity a sorcerer has in his trade makes him highly sought after by companies.


2. Esteem Armament

Sorcerers are very confident in their own abilities. They tend to be self-sufficient and driven with regard to their own work product. The only thing that will keep the sorcerer from producing smoothly is a lack of attention. The sorcerer’s energy comes from being esteemed by others for his greatness. The more attention he is given, the greater his insight, quality, and speed.


3. Free Spirit

Sorcerers are spontaneous and free with their talents. They find their own way of doing things and will avoid restriction of any sort. Sorcerers don’t like to be confined by rules or procedures, preferring instead to rely on their intuition to produce the answer for them. This can frustrate managers when the sorcerer doesn’t produce work in the expected, “right” way.


4. Idea Improvisation

Sorcerers are adept at making abstract and unexpected connections. Not only do they seek to find their own way of doing things, the final product will likely be something completely different than what was expected. Like fine jazz, the work will be complex and exhilarating, yet different every time. This means that the sorcerer will produce work that other classes will not be able to emulate. This makes it very difficult for the company to make documentation or production standards around what the sorcerer has created. As a result, it is often best for the sorcerer to directly interact with their customers to satisfy their needs.


5. Opportunistic Understudy

The sorcerer is empowered by change and new challenges. Even sorcerers working in an individual contributor role will keep an eye out for ways to get new opportunities or to move up in the organization. They will watch group interactions and get a quick sense of the political environment in which they find themselves. Sorcerers will use their superior work product to set themselves up in the most favorable light to move up.  They may even assist managers with their work so as to be a likely candidate for succession.




Working in Groups


1. Headliner

Sorcerers working in groups will try to be the center of attention. They know they are persuasive and talented and will expect others to acknowledge this fact. Since sorcerers are in part powered by the esteem of others, it is a good idea to give them the chance to get attention. The larger the group, the greater the productivity potential of the sorcerer.  Although this need for attention may cause resentment in some, the sorcerer is so dynamic that others will tend to let him take center stage.   


2. Socialite

Most sorcerers are social climbers. They are aware of power struggles, hierarchies, and external factors to success. They will be the first to show up to work-related parties or donor functions. They know that success in these venues is at least as important as in the workplace itself. Sorcerers know how to find the most important person in a crowd and will do what they can to endear themselves to that person. Because of their charm and talent, sorcerers are usually quite effective at making a good impression on these people of influence. This also makes sorcerers excellent spokesmen and glad-handers on behalf of the company.


3. Bohemian

Sorcerers will gravitate toward other passionate classes against whom they can test their ideas and collaborate. Sorcerers enjoy competing with other specialists in their field to show off and sharpen their skills. This means that a sorcerer is likely to be connected to people who challenge them to excel. He will spend a lot of time with these people, whether in or out of the workplace, and continually hone his talents. Sorcerers do not stand on past performance. They believe that their worth is directly related to the magnitude of the current contribution. They use their bohemian comrades to stay at the top of their game.


4. End Game

More often than not, a sorcerer collaborating with a group will quickly jump to the end of the conversation or brainstorming session. Sorcerers follow the scope of problems, the trends in conversations, and then find the final solution that will be accepted by all parties. This ability to quickly read a room can be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it is a fast and efficient way to find a workable solution. On the other hand, most classes will not be satisfied to follow the sorcerer’s gut feeling for company planning. Further, the sorcerer’s solutions will not be very useful if people other than the sorcerer are expected to carry out the plan.


5. Exception Badge

Sorcerer despise red-tape. They see it as an unnecessary obstacle to true achievement. Because a sorcerer is able to produce truly unique and astounding works, he is often afforded more leeway than most other classes. This ability could be compared to a press pass for reporters or a backstage pass for groupies. Sorcerers are often allowed to skirt some rules and bend others. They will use this allowance to its fullest extent to accomplish their goals. Sorcerers will always rebel against constricting processes as well as classes that enjoy such structure.


Management and Motivation

1. Glass Cannon

Sorcerers have a neverending supply of energy and focus. They will continually perform in their specialty with a tenacity and intensity matched only by barbarians. However, they are not interested or skilled at applying their trade outside of its scope.  Make sure to keep the sorcerer in his area of focus to get the best return on your investment. Expecting the sorcerer to pick up the slack in other areas or to try new things will just frustrate all parties involved.


2. Social Paradox

Managers are faced with a paradox when it comes to sorcerer social interaction.  On the one hand, sorcerers need other people to fully leverage their skills. They need to be appreciated for the work they produce and must have a social environment in which they can climb. On the other hand, other classes often get irritated with the sorcerer’s constant need for attention and social maneuvering. It will always be a delicate balance for managers to make sure the needs of the sorcerer and the group are both served.


3. Improv Troupe

Partner sorcerers with other intuitive classes classes who enjoy showing off and challenging each other. As in a great improvisation troupe, the sorcerer will play off of these individuals and create spontaneous and thrilling works. All that is needed to keep this group producing successfully is a deadline. In fact, it will be hard to offer any other expectation (such as scope or method). Turn the group loose and hope for the best. It is almost always worth the risk.


4. Mesmerism

Sorcerers have an amazing affect on their audience. Their passion for their work is infectious and is able to affect change in an organization. Managers are wise to use the sorcerer’s presentational skills on either customers or superiors for the highest effect on the company. The sorcerer’s presentations are captivating, entertaining, and persuasive.  


5. Impresario

Sorcerers are such a specialized asset to the company, it is important to provide a lot of support for them. Put people in place to give timelines, provide documentation, and provide a launch platform for the sorcerer’s work. This will smooth any rough edges in the product and give it more substance and credibility. The sorcerer’s work is intrinsically more about himself than his audience. Having someone around to leverage this talent to benefit the company will be key to the long term success for the sorcerer.



“So, why shouldn’t I just destroy you right now?”  Her smokey voice had an ever-so-slight hiss at the end of the phrase, as she watched Kamron approach.

“If you do, my dear highness, you will never discover how I was able to simply walk past your defences and make myself at home in your throneroom. Someone of your stature,” here Kamron paused and made an elegant bow, “should have better security measures.” Kamron stood with with the assurance of a born performer and smiled pleasantly at the witch queen.

Her eyebrows raised slightly. “Fascinating. Speak quickly, knave.  Every second has a price and your words are your only currency.”

“Of course, my queen. First, your labyrinth. I must say that it is a magnificent and terrible edifice. The onyx brick, the fearsome gargoyles- it’s quite imposing. One must notice, however, that the structure is extremely repetitive. There are at least three panels that are exactly alike. Not closely related, mind you, but identical! Tsk, tsk. What a lack of imagination. It didn’t take long to identify the illusionary segments.”

Kamron held up his hands in a conciliatory pose. “Now, I’m sure you have many terrors awaiting invaders in your maze, but I simply didn’t need to deal with any of them. I was able to walk directly to your castle unmolested. Really, my queen, if you are going to go through all the trouble of erecting such an awesome barrier, it’s best not create a shortcut that completely bypasses it.”

The queen’s eyes were cold, and the sides of her mouth briefly twitched before she quickly regained her composure. “Continue.”

“And then there were your goblin patrols. I was truly surprised by their organization considering that with goblins, nose-picking is usually a stronger skill than marching. The consistency and persistence of their search pattern was commendable, a testament to your taskmaster’s whips.” Here Kamron kissed his fingertips and blew it towards the queen.

“The sheer multitude of them would be a significant challenge to a foe of any size and ferocity is their main feature. For all that can be said about goblin zeal, however, not much can be said for their intellect. A simple shapechange enchantment made me appear as one of their number. I encountered your goblin squads a number of times, and they simply weren’t interested in me.” Kamron’s face was a picture of disappointment, and he shook his head. “In fact, I was even able to ask directions of one group, and it was they who showed me to this grandiose throne room in which I currently find myself.” Kamron grinned as he spread his arms out in a grand sweeping gesture.

“Enough!” the queen snapped. “Thank you for your… professional evaluation of the weaknesses in my stronghold. I will make sure that those fools suffer greatly for their mistakes.” A strange buzzing rattle began to fill the air as the queen uncoiled from her throne, revealing her snakelike torso. “What a shame you made this long journey to tell me these things, only to die horribly at my hand.”

Kamron held up a hand, unperturbed. “Not quite yet, Highness. I must finish my tale,” he replied suavely. “You see, I was able to walk right in to your throneroom and talk with you, the most dreaded power in the kingdom. And after a pleasant conversation, I was able to walk right out the front door with your scepter, which contains the powerful magics you have used to terrorize the land. Well, I hate to tell you this, but it’s no longer a source of power for you, and,” here Kamron made a comical face, “you will fall to the forces of justice soon.”

The queen’s head snapped over to where her scepter usually rested beside her. She was relieved to see the cold black rod resting safely on its hook. Her eyes dilated slightly and she fully uncoiled, the end of her tail rattling threateningly. “You are mistaken, knave, and I grow tired of your talk. Your audience is concluded.”

The witch queen pointed a clawed finger in Kam’s direction while murmuring a few words under her breath.  A smokey green beam of light shot from her hand toward her uninvited guest. Instead of the typical explosion and disintegration the queen was expecting, the light passed harmlessly through Kamron’s torso.

“I am sorry for my brief visit, Queen,” said the image of Kamron with false regret. “It was only a small matter to weave the invisibility, mirror image, and scepter illusion spells together. I have not been here for some time, and neither has your scepter.  You have been conversing with a phantom.  Imagine the tales that will be told about me it is found that one man was able to topple the evil reign of Queen Trikus. But it’s all in a day’s work for Kamron the Magnificent.” The image winked at her, bowed again, and vanished.

Screams of murderous fury mixed with the explosion of deadly destruction spells could be heard echoing across the valley.


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