“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!”

Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien


Stat Block:

  • +2 Mobility
  • -2 Persistence


Peer Reviews:

  • Dwarf: “Halflings are impossible! They don’t take any responsibility for themselves or produce anything… at all!”
  • Elf: “Halflings are amusing. They don’t add much value but can be good for a laugh at social gatherings.”
  • Giant: “Halflings are refreshing. It is good to see the world through fresh and idealistic eyes from time to time.”
  • Gnome: “Halflings are fun! They love playing with the gadgets we make. It’d be great if they stayed around longer.”
  • Goblin: “Halflings are suckers! They believe whatever we tell them and buy whatever we have. Great for business.”
  • Halfling: “Halflings are the best, because… well, just because! There’s so much out there and so many places to explore. We want to experience it all!.”
  • Human:  “Halflings are useful. All their poking around turns up interesting things.
  • Orc: “Halflings are tasty. If they were easier to catch, I’d have one every day.”
  • Troll: “Halflings are a nuisance. They constantly get in the way and meddle in our plans.”




Halflings are curious and playful creatures that enjoy exploring all that the world has to offer. They will climb through holes, lift rocks, and dig in the dirt entirely out of the simple joy of discovering new things. Halflings are constantly in search of new people, stories, and toys to play with.  

Halflings always seem to have a positive outlook on life. Their childlike demeanor allows them to travel untouched by the darker and more serious issues that seem to bog down other races.  Halflings are unfazed by failure, company politics, and adversity. They approach each new day as a brand new adventure.

Other races see halflings as having an uncanny sense of luck. They always seem to find the right component just in the nick of time or slip out of tight spots just when things look hopeless. Halflings don’t necessarily see it that way; they just know that everything will work out the way its supposed to, and that things will usually turn out for the best.




1. Curious/Inquisitive

Halflings are extremely curious by nature. They explore nooks and crannies and will try to open any container they can find. It is best to keep anything you don’t want the halfling to get into under lock and key.


2. Wanderlust

Halflings enjoy the dust of the road in their clothes and new horizons to chase.  Once they tire of their current environments, they will be off to seek the next adventure. In the workplace, they quickly grow restless with procedure and will seek to find their own ways of doing things.


3. Fearless

Halflings are fearless in the face of danger. It never occurs to halflings that adversity, opposition, or enemies could be dangerous. It’s all just a game with changing rules that they can learn to play.


4. Lucky

Things always seem to work out for the best for halflings. Fate seems to smile on them, keep them safe, and offer new opportunities for them to explore. Other races may resent this ability, but it would never occur a halfling why they would ever do so.


5. Ingratiating

Halfling curiosity and cheer can be quite irritating to the more solemn races and classes, but for the most part, other races seem to be drawn to them. Halflings tend to bring out the best in people and endear themselves to their company. Their smiling faces and playful nature lights up a room, which most people find a charming feature.




1. Tavern Revelry

Halflings enjoy gathering together, telling stories, and playing games. They tend not to have a long attention span for any single activity, and consequently, they will either multi-task or drift from task to task in order to stay entertained. These activities draw halflings together, and reinforce their family ties.


2. Swarm

Halflings are used to facing larger and fiercer foes in combat. As a result, they swarm their opponents and cause them to topple. Foes are not so intimidating when looking up at the halfling from their back. Be prepared for halflings to fiercely protect each other and gang up on foes if they feel threatened.


3. Taunting Roast

Halflings generally don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. When pressured or cornered, however, they can let loose debilitating taunts and jeers at their opponents.  This is particularly effective in groups, where halflings gather like playground children around the outcast. Enraged and disoriented, enemies are not able to effectively retaliate against the hafling.


4. Communal Property

Halflings discover, acquire, and discard property quickly. As a result, they are not overly attached to their possessions or the possessions of others. They consider it perfectly natural to borrow what they need, and they expect others to do the same. It goes without saying that other races don’t often feel the same way.


 5. Play Tank 

Halflings are extremely playful and creative. They tend to group together and play make-believe games and explore possibilities. This is extremely useful when a team is stuck in a rut and seeking a new direction. Halflings will play a critical role in thinking outside of the box and seeing things from a fresh perspective.


Management Suggestions


1. Shiny Things!

Halflings like shiny new things. Motivate your halflings by offering an exciting new prize or toy. These need not be expensive…novelty is more important than substance.  Managers will be well rewarded with creativity and enthusiasm for such baubles.


2. Double Dog Dare

Halflings can be extremely stubborn and willful at times, especially when they are told they can’t do something. Use this to your advantage by daring the halfling to do something. Be careful when using this tactic, however, as the halfling will become so focused on proving the manager wrong, he won’t focus on his assigned tasks.


3. Hearts On Their Sleeves

Halflings are sensitive souls and wear their emotions openly on their sleeve.  Halflings are fearless, inquisitive, and inspired as long as they can express themselves. Listen when the halfling shares their feelings and be careful with your feedback so as to not injure this winning combination.


4. Candor

Halflings are inclined to blurt out what they are thinking at any given moment.  This means that they will ask inappropriate questions and make inappropriate observations at inopportune times. Keep dignitaries away from halflings unless they are comfortable with this type of honesty.


5. Amidst Friends

It is important to keep halflings around other playful and spirited individuals. It will help keep the halfling creative and inquisitive while protecting them from more abrasive or forceful races/classes. Focus your energy on encouraging a core “play group” in which halflings thrive, rather than forcing them to conform to harsh rules and regulations.


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