” The Ogre Does what ogres can, Deeds quite impossible for Man, But one prize is beyond his reach; The Ogre cannot master speech.”

W.H. Auden



Stat Block

  • +2 Ability
  • -2 Awareness


Peer Reviews

  • Dwarf: “Orcs are wasteful and shortsighted. They waste all their resources on the problem in front of them, with no thought to the future.”
  • Elf: “Orcs are brutish and brash. They cannot be reasoned with and are immune to common sense.”
  • Giant: “Orcs are underappreciated. Every organization needs zeal and a strong back to get things done. Orcs definitely get things done.”
  • Gnome: “Orcs are careless. They blow stuff up a lot, which we like, but never take the time to learn anything from the explosions.”
  • Goblin: “Orcs are… effective. You can always trust an orc to collect on a debt. There may be some collateral damage costs, hower.”
  • Halfling: “Orcs miss out on all lot. No one wants to hang out with bullies and cheats.”
  • Human: “Orcs are volatile.  Like explosives, orcs are very powerful if handled with care.”
  • Orc: “Orcs are the best! We do it our way, and we do it now!”
  • Troll: “Orcs are necessary. Sometimes you need a broadsword to cut down obstacles.”




Orcs dwell in harsh, hostile landscapes. They enjoy carving out their place in the world through action and hard work. They view the wild as a testing ground to keep themselves sharp and ready for action. Orcs passionately take on both life’s pressures and obstacles. Their stout build and constitution allows them to tear through barricades with ease and cover great distances without tiring.

Other races may view orcs as brutish, unreasonable, and callous, and steer clear of them in social situations, preferring instead to deal with more balanced temperaments. Orcs aren’t bothered by this at all. Tthey hate to be hampered by annoying discussion and pointless bickering.




1. Intimidating

The Orc’s zeal for life will likely be intimidating to most other races. They may see him as too aggressive or impulsive to their taste. Orcs follow the life maxim: “lead, follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!”  You will never need to wonder where you stand with an orc, or what they are trying to accomplish.


2. Trample

Orcs are defined by action. They solve their problems with initiative and enjoy overwhelming others with their passion and drive. Orcs act first and often. Make sure to get out of the way when an orc is set in their course or you will be trampled by their enthusiasm.  


3. Scavenger

Orcs are not planners. They use what they have on hand to solve problems and piece together solutions in the field. Spontaneous and pragmatic, orcs improvise with what they find on the road to win.


4. Sunder

Orcs love to break and smash things. They take great pride in being able to tear through any barriers which prevent them from moving forward. Reason, company policy, and best practice are often tossed aside in order to maintain the orc’s forward momentum.


5. Tenacious Tracking

Orcs are tenacious trackers of their prey.  Orcs instinctively know how to navigate past (or through) gatekeepers and get to the people that make the decisions. Once they find these decision makers, the orc will relentlessly pursue them until he gets his way.




1. Illiteracy

Orc culture is not weighed down by the trappings of tradition and lore. Rather, orcs are forward thinkers; they focus on the next battle, obstacle, or trial to keep them on their toes. Orcs disdain documentation of all sorts, viewing it as a waste of time, and a hindrance to success.


2. Ascension By Strength

Orcs respect action-oriented leaders.  They place no value on past deeds, titles, or hierarchies to keep order. “What have you done for me lately?” is an oft-heard orcish motto. Orcs are quick to replace leaders they see as weak or too slow to act.


3. Raiding party

Orcs prefer to organize in small groups of 2 to 5 people. They seek to get the largest offensive capability without sacrificing mobility. These hunting bands are excellent at scouting and guerrilla warfare. If the objective is large enough, several raiding parties can work together to achieve success.


4. Nomadic

Orcs are nomadic by nature. They keep their encampments mobile so they can respond to changing seasons or migrating game. The thought of being stuck in any sort of permanent structure makes orcs uncomfortable and irritable.


5. Bonfire Parties

Orcs enjoy playing as hard as they work. They are prone to wild parties and passionate living. It is not uncommon for orcs to slave all day and revel all night for weeks at a time, only stopping when sheer exhaustion compels them to stop. After a couple of days of catatonic sleep, they will start the whole process over again.


Management Suggestions


1. Short Leash

Use a firm hand when working with an orc. Be direct, to the point, and resolute. Orcs will constantly test their limits and look for opportunities to do what they want to do. Don’t worry about being too harsh with an orc, as they respect strength. Be sure of what you want before talking to the orc, however, as he will jump on any uncertainty, which he considers a sign of weakness.


2. Playbook not Rulebook

It is best to give orcs general guidelines upon how they should operate rather than a detailed list of rules and procedure. Orcs feel overly hampered by the latter and will waste energy grumbling and undermining the rules rather than working toward the goal. Trust that your orc will be self sufficient in most circumstances; he will appreciate being left alone to do his work.


3. Follow the Setting Sun

Take advantage of the orcish desire to test their limits by providing constant adventure. They are the race most suited to conquering the unknown wilds and exploring unknown frontiers. Orcs are excellent frontline workers who can bring back reliable intelligence to the rest of the team to evaluate.


4. Chaperone

Orcs will vigorously celebrate their achievements and are likely to distract others with their revelry. Oversee the party planning schedule and enforce a hard start and stop time. This will protect the productivity of the rest of the team members, who might not be able to perform as well as the orc with a hangover.  


5. Meat Grinder

Send your orcs against things which hinder progress in the department. Orcs are amazing at removing obstacles and letting other races focus on doing what they do best. In general, orcs don’t mind being thrown into the grinder as long as they can see a reason for it, and they enjoy testing themselves against a gauntlet.


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