How to Launch Your Gaming Career Right Now without any prior Experience- Online Video (5-Part Course)


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Learn Smart  Gaming Career Essentials Only


Know The Game  Learning To Find The Fun


Who You Know  How To Make Connections


Armor Up

Toughening Battle Tactics


Show Your Stuff

How To Get Your Stuff Seen

Stop "researching" online about the gaming careers.     Get busying DOING SOMETHING

This course clocks in at just over 1 HOUR of content- covering the basics of what you need to get started right now.  If you haven't accomplished something from the ACTION ITEMS in 3 hours... You FAIL!  I cover all the basics you will need to either FIND YOUR FIT in a videgame studio or tabletop publisher, or to LAUNCH YOUR OWN PROJECT.  On top of that, I'm personally here to help you through the tough parts.  Lets get started! We can do it together.

What You'll Discover in this 5-Part Course- How To:

  • Maximize Your Formal Education                               Learn what to do to get the most out of your formal education- Hint: Its not about getting good grades!
  • Get Game Professionals To Help You                         Find out what Game Professionals Care about so they will care about you and be more inclined to help you out.
  • Catch the "Lightning In A Bottle"                               You can figure out how to be the next big wave. Are you digging in the right place? 
  • The Best Place To Start You Game Design Before you start your first project- Do This First!  It will help you make a better game and speed up your learning curve.
  • Build A Network That Matters
    You can't make a career for yourself on your own.  Learn how to connect with people that matter.
  • Get A Thick Skin To Stay In The Game               Ok-Reality Check... This is going to be hard and take a lot of work.  Do THIS stuff so you can stay in for the long haul.
  • Get Around The Job Application Process             7 out of 10 jobs are filled before they are ever posted on a job board. Do THIS to skip passed the application process.
  • Build A Fan-base Of Your Own                             Grow your own fan-base so you don't need other publishers or distributors to succeed. Do THIS to start.

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