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Hey All,

As many of you know I’m working on a game project associated with The Gaming Careers Podcast and my own consulting business.  I have been evaluating The Game Crafter as a manufacturing vendor for sales directly to the market- without going through a firm in China.  

This is the next video in the series where I talk about my decision to upgrade to the Large Retail box.

Here is the TLDR:  The Large Retail Box with Quad-Fold board comes in at $20.00 vs. the Medium Pro box with Accordion board for $18.48 for a lot less space.  My game has grown to 180 card including jumbo cards with board.  The Large Retail box is the best choice for me to add expansions and grow the line without needing to worry about needing more box space.

With the TLDR section and the video that pretty much sums everything up.  If you have questions about my decision process let me know in the comments or send it to Steve AT thecompanybard DOT com. 

Here are the links to the products discussed in the video- Check them out as they will always reflect the right price :)

If you would like to find out more about my game and become a PLAYTESTER check this out:


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Steve Ruduski is a business and career coach that has helped dozens of people start their business and successfully find their fit in the gaming industry.

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