TGC- 076 Chris and Suzanne Zinsli from Cardboard Edison ON Game Design Contests!




Today we are joined by a favorite returning guest-duo and board-game resource powerhouse.  Chris and Suzanne Zinsli ARE Cardboard Edison- A Boardgame Industry Resource aggregator AND Game Design Team – To talk to us about the importance of game design contests.

On the show I try to have a great variety of different career options in the games industry as well as highlight great tools for gaming professionals to use.  I would by lying if I said that a lot of the podcast content didn’t comes from my own research for projects that I am working on; this show is one such episode :).  

In this interview Chris and Suzanne give us some great advice about how to find great game design contests, run your own game design contests, and MAYBE even talk me into submitting my own game to their contest

Contests Discussed on the Show


Here is a link to Cardboard Edison COLLECTION OF CONTESTS also!

Other Awesome Resources Provided by Cardboard Edison:

Tools to run your own game design contests:

Find out more about Cardboard Edison!

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