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With ever increasing voices in the games space- being a games news and entertainment provider takes a ton of effort, talent, and “hustle” to succeed. Today we are joined by Christian Spicer– one of the hosts of the DLC podcast- a show dedicated to videogame and tabletop entertainment… To help us figure out how to crack that nut.

I want to send a special shout out to one of my listeners: Hugo Vasquez!  It was his enthusiasm and encouragement that caused this episode to come about.

I originally intended to talk to Christian about how he assembles the show, finds his content, and grows his audience.  While we do cover that a bit, we actually ended up stumbling into an awesome tangent about how to be a REAL PERSON and network at the same time.

Basically it comes down to developing real friendships and then asking for help.  Many people aren’t comfortable with the idea of asking others for help… but its something that we just have to get over. This is a great episode where Christian and I get to deep dive about how to legitimately gain influence and grow your audience in an honest and genuine way… Very Cool.

Check Out Christian and all his stuff HERE:


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