TGC- 082 All Things Tabletop RPG with Jason Walters from Indie Press Revolution


Today we are joined by Jason Walters, the general manager of Indie Press Revolution to give us an idea on the state of tabletop RPGs, how to make them, how to sell them, and how to get them into stores.  Jason also gives us a huge storehouse of cutting edge RPGs and discusses the development of the Tabletop RPG Genre.

I have to admit that I thought I had the tabletop RPG market figured out.  Dungeons and Dragons was my gateway drug that got me started on this whole thing.  I’ve played Rifts, Heroes, TMNT, Vampire Mascarade, Werewolf Apocalypse, Mage Ascension, Dungeon World, FATE… and SO many others…. I have it all covered right?  I didn’t know how much I didn’t know… until I talked to Jason.

Indie Press Revolution is a vendor, warehouse, consolidator, and curator…. all for the Tabletop RPG market.  If you have something special or unique in that space, Indie Press Revolution may be able to help you get your game out there and in stores.  This is definitely an episode to check out if this is your flavor- you will get a heads up on whats hot and the trends in RPG games.

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