TGC 084- Making Your Own Convention with Sheena and Terry from Chupacabra Con

Do you want to know how you can turn your own gaming group into a whole blown out convention?  

Today we are joined by Sheena Vandevanter and Terry Whisenant from CHUPACABRA CON who talk to us about how they built a Tabletop Convention and how your can do the same.

This episode actually captures another interesting aspect of the gaming profession- how relationships can turn into game career opportunities.

Over the course of talking with Sheena we were able to work out a partnership with Austin Boardgame Designers (a group I help lead) to create a sort of mini-protospiel/unpub type playtesting event within the convention.  It was through this relationship and others that we were able to put together a 3 day event, with speakers, workshops, and sponsors, for great mutual benefit.

Ill let you listen to the episode for more details, but it’s a cool way to showcase how you can use your relationships to build communities and expand the audience for your projects. 

For More Details on the Stuff:

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About the Author

Steve Ruduski is a business and career coach that has helped dozens of people start their business and successfully find their fit in the gaming industry.

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