TGC EXPRESS: 079 Alisha Vokman from Bouncing Bomb Games- How to be and work with Artists

Bouncing Bomb

Gaming Careers EXPRESS- A new format

Hello Hello All!

This is the first ever Gaming Careers Express Episode.  The idea of this content is that it is short, to the point, and gives you some concrete business and career advice to help you on your path.  I look at it as opportunity to share additional interviews, recorded lectures, or musings that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to share on the show due to length.

Since this is the first segment of its type, I am really interested to get your ideas on how you like it and what you might like to hear in future segments.  I intend for these segments to come out in the off-weeks of the show, as extras, or whenever… depending on the backlog of content I have. Really, its just extras for you to help you Find Your Fit in the Industry.

With that Said- Lets Jump into the interview for today!

Alisha Volkman from Bouncing Bomb Games

In this compact conversation we dive directly in to what it is like being an artist in the boardgame space.  Alisha shares key points about how first-time designers/publishers can work with artists and how artists can guide designer/publishers who have never worker with an artist before.  Since Alisha is both an artist and designer, she has the inside scoop on where both sides can run into potholes.

ALSO-  This particular segment (and some in the future ) are actually part of a dual release show format.  Half of the interview (related to gaming careers) shows up here, while another segment will show up on The Game Crafter newsfeed. As part of  my research of the Game Crafter, I wanted to reach out to some Crafter community members to find out their experience working with them.  Its an important part of my process, and I hope this research helps you make decisions for your own projects.


Anyway, that’s all for now!  Let me know what you think about the above at: Steve (at) thecompanybard (dot) com.  Until next time :)


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Steve Ruduski is a business and career coach that has helped dozens of people start their business and successfully find their fit in the gaming industry.

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