TGC Express: 083 Merging Publishing Companies with Geek Fever Games’ Jason Miceli

Today we are joined by Jason Miceli of Geek Fever Games.  We get the chance to talk about all the success Geek Fever Games has had in the past several years.  During the discussion we talk a little bit about how the company actually merges with another publisher in order to make their offering stronger.

I think this is a really interesting idea to consider as an aspiring indie publisher.  When starting out, people often focus primarily on making the game and not on the underlying business structures that are needed in order to succeed.  I love how the story of how Geek Fever Games found a strong partner in the industry and decided to help each other by paring up.

In addition to that, Geek Fever Games has started a new gaming convention – Connecticut Festival of Indie Games – in order to help other designers succeed.

Finally, this is another one of those two-part episodes where half of the content lives here and the other half lives over on The Game Crafter News Feed.  If you want to hear that side of the show, you can check it out HERE

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